Company Overview
The Bay Towel brand revolves around our employees, culture and corporate values The essence of our belief in building community is captured most succinctly in our “branding.” The term branding refers to developing a deep set of meanings for the brand along the levels of attributes, benefits, values, culture, personality and user. Our brand really isn’t about the product offering. As many of our product lines are commodities. That is, many of our products are perceived as being the same as our competitors. It is quite difficult to differentiate a shop towel based solely on the attributes of the product itself. Therefore, we believe that our brand revolves around our employees, culture and corporate values. A fundamental value within the culture of Bay Towel is to give back to the communities where we live and work. In addition to our own in-house training programs for team members, we encourage and sponsor learning outside of our building. Team members are encouraged to be socially responsible, and learn as much as they can about their community and the resources it has to offer. Bay Towel proudly supports over 75 organizations through charitable contributions. Our generosity demonstrates our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, as well as our desire to have a positive impact in our communities. When our customers and prospective customers think of Bay Towel, we want them to think of people, not product. It is the way in which we deliver our products and services that differentiates our organization. Our branded experience, or what the customer sees, hears, feels, etc., at every contact point with anyone in our organization, should send a message that we are a professional organization.
Company Summary
Bay Towel Linen and Uniform Rental
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Green Bay, WI