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At Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Inc. (PPWI), we work to provide quality, affordable health care services, comprehensive education, and strong advocacy. We serve over 60,000 patients annually in 21 health centers statewide, making us the largest and most trusted reproductive healthcare provider in Wisconsin. Our goal is to help keep Wisconsin safe, healthy and strong!

With the generous support of private donations and public grants, PPWI looks to a future where women have access to the reproductive health care they need, teenagers receive medically accurate and non-biased sexuality education, and legislators make responsible and compassionate decisions about women's rights and women's bodies.


Essential Health Care

  • Annual Exams
  • Birth Control
  • Emergency Contraception (EC)
  • Cancer Screenings (including Pap tests, breast and testicular exams)
  • Pregnancy Testing & Counseling
  • HIV Testing & Counseling
  • Abortion Care
  • Colposcopy


We offer comprehensive, medically accurate, age-appropriate sexuality education to thousands of young adults, teens, parents and other adults of influence each year. PPWI educators work with community partners to encourage healthy decision making and early detection and prevention to close racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes.



Our public affairs program aims to protect and expand access to comprehensive reproductive health care and education. We work to help advance public policies that are pro-woman and pro-family; expand access to family planning and reproductive health care; and bring accurate, responsible sex education into our schools.


Jobs & Volunteering

At Planned Parenthood, our most valuable asset is our people. If you're looking for rewarding work with flexible hours, great pay and excellent health benefits, working at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is for you!

Our dedicated staff, volunteers, and interns serve communities across the country every day.

Interested in joining us? Planned Parenthood is an equal opportunity employerM/F/H/V, committed to diversity in the workplace.

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