Company Overview

At iQor, our 35,000 amazing employees spanning nine countries are passionate about delivering an outstanding omnichannel customer experience for brands across the globe. Harnessing intelligent CX technology that can scale teams anywhere, our BPO solutions create happy employees and delighted customers. Our irresistible culture results in a smile with each interaction to create optimal customer experiences. We enable diverse teams to scale our BPO digital solutions from local to global to create the CX experience brands demand to win and keep customers.

Our Mission

To empower people with technology, creating happy employees that deliver the world’s most sought-after customer experiences.

Our Vision

iQor is purpose built to create smiles.
We engineered our CX private cloud technology platform to support diverse business needs on-demand through the promise of a people first culture and innovative technology. We offer real people, performance excellence, and amazing technology that evolves at the speed of happiness.

World Class Leadership

We are guided by a strong, diverse group of professionals who are invested in our customers, employees and owners. With their deep industry experience and proven track record of innovation, client service, and cutting-edge use of analytics and technology solutions, they help create new sources of value for our clients.


Amazing experiences start with an amazing culture.
And we believe amazing cultures are born when we know what to expect from each other. Our values drive us and inspire us—they remind us how we want to approach each day and every opportunity, both with our fellow employees and as trusted partners to our customers.


  • Integrity: People know they can count on us. We’re honest and reliable—we do what we say we’re going to do, even in difficult situations.
  • Customer Dedication: We provide unparalleled customer experiences. Our good judgement, strong instincts and relentlessly high standards help us deliver the best possible services, products and processes to everyone we meet.
  • Open Communication: We’re respectful in our communications—we have the courage to say what we think and question actions that are inconsistent with our values. We're the first to admit when we've made a mistake and are never afraid to apologize.
  • Respect: Our greatest successes come from combining our strengths and working together. Above all, we value and respect each of the diverse individuals who bring different experiences, skills and ideas to our shared table.
  • Innovation: We're naturally curious—especially when it comes to improving on our own practices. We strive to find new ways to make iQor processes, people and products better than they were before.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and attitudes. We are mindful of how we impact the larger company and affect others during our daily interactions.
  • Need To Give Back: We strive to change the world by improving the quality of life for those closest to us. Through our #iQorQares program, we are able to give back to our workforce, their families and our local communities. Serving others is important to who we are as individuals and lives at the heart of our culture.



Empowering opportunity and inclusion
With 35,000 employees worldwide, iQor proudly boasts an incredibly diverse and strong workforce that includes many different orientations, races, abilities, genders, and life differences. We take pride in this diversity in viewpoints, and believe that employees who maximize the power of different backgrounds, perspectives, and cultural references are destined to succeed in the global marketplace.

Company Summary
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(469) 628-3920
200 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL