Topics du Jour

Gossip - It's an easy thing to fall into, but for your personal and professional well-being, it's often best to steer clear.

Saying "No" - A difficult thing to do in the workplace as you want to help and show your worth, but saying "yes" all the time has consequences.

Continuing Education - We discuss ways you can hone your skills, learn new trends and continue to grow professionally.

Value of Internships - Not all professions require them, but internships are a tremendous opportunity to get your foot in the door and create value.

Podcast Series: The LJNRadio Quad
The LJNRadio Quad features four of our hosts from LJNRadio, gathering to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on just about any employment-related topic. Agree or disagree, you're bound to learn something about our hosts or the world of employment.