How to Find a Job You'll Thrive In

Many college students and recent graduates aren’t sure what kind of career they’ll actually be happy in – and thrive in. As a result, most recent grads apply to every job they’re “sort of” qualified for, not knowing if they’ll truly enjoy the work until they actually start the job. Maggie Mistal, a certified life purpose and career coach, has helped thousands of individuals soul search, research, and job search into their ideal careers. Cady Chesney and Maggie Mistal will shed some light on how recent grads can learn how to identify what kind of career they’ll thrive in – before applying to jobs. To find out more about Maggie, visit

Podcast Series: Classroom to Boardroom
Classroom to Boardroom gives college students and recent graduates the valuable information that is needed to make a successful transition from college into their careers. No matter what part of the process they struggle with, we deliver expert knowledge and experience to give these soon-to-be workers the inside edge.